Author Cred

Kristine DeHoux is a Contemporary Fiction writer who graduated Summa Cum Laude from Southern New Hampshire University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing and English. As part of her MFA program with the same university, she is currently working on her first novel, The Tell, which is a family saga with strong military ties.

As a U.S. Navy Journalist, DeHoux honed her research and writing skills while serving her country for seven years, connecting with people of all different walks of life. Living and working in Spain for the last 15 years gives the California native an interesting vantage point on a variety of topics, which she brings to life in fiction, non-fiction, and poetry form.

A world traveler, wife, and mother of two, DeHoux’s latest mission is to help readers connect with their humanity.  This inspiration and drive comes from the desire to create a better world for her daughters.

DeHoux’s writing at Mothering Humanity is geared towards empowering mothers, because she truly believes their love could be the answer to healing the hurt and divide in today’s world. Mothers are uniquely invested in their children’s future, and these women in particular have the opportunity to shape the next generation of changemakers.

In addition to reigniting her writing career with this blog, DeHoux lovingly tends to her daughters, goes to college full-time, and teaches religious education classes for the American military community in her area. Kristine’s faith has been her true north in a life filled with tumult, transitions, triumphs, and tribulations. She embraces the term “practicing Catholic,” and invites you to join her imperfect journey. 

She is a beautiful juxtaposition who stubbornly forges a unique path with passion and integrity.

Below is a small selection of published news articles by DeHoux written during her military enlistment from 2000-2007. During this time, she also worked in radio, serving as the morning radio show host and disc jockey for Rota Radio 102.5 and producing television news stories for the local and worldwide U.S. military community. DeHoux earned two Chief of Naval Information Merit Awards based on her work as a Navy Journalist, as well as various medals and ribbons for her military service.